812 HP Mazda RX-8 Drift Show Out Of NFS

In Need For Speed , we were all drift monsters once. We would always try to break the records we wanted to do, modify the best vehicles and try to get that score to the ceiling without hitting anything. The name we will talk about now, by carrying our dream into reality, went to one of the highest mountains in the world and created a visual feast .

Legendary Drift Show by Mike Whitler


What vehicle comes to mind first when you think of drift Personally , we can extend the list by saying Mitsubishi EVO, Mazda RX-8 , Subaru and others to my mind. Mike Whhid creates a visual feast with his 812 horsepower Mazda RX-8 , which he pulled under. I can say that his maneuvers on the rugged mountain road and his progress without crashing took me away.

This drift festival, held in Cape Town , one of the most famous places in the world, started at the Franschhoek Pass and took action to attract drift enthusiasts. The total length of this mountain road, which has curvy bends, is 22.6 kilometers.The 2004 custom-built Mazda RX-8 received a minor boost before drifting. In addition to the changes made on the Wankel engine, the vehicle has been pulled from 740 hp to 812 hp with the GTX-45 Turbo support. Come on, think about the rest. Let’s leave you alone with this four-minute drift show without further ado, as the speed of the vehicle increased to 248 kilometers in places 



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