Things to Consider While Buying Engine Oil Online?

Recently, I saw a title in the most visited sour dictionary in Turkey . A user orders engine oil from one of the popular marketplace sites . Many unfortunate events have happened to the user after taking the engine oil. When I saw the title, as a regular driver, I felt the need to do research on engine oils purchased over the internet. And I have prepared this article for you to see what useful content I can prepare for users on this subject.

What to Consider When Buying Engine Oil Online


First of all, although there is no guarantee of the recommendations I mentioned in this section, I indicate the parts that we should pay attention to as users on a basic basis.

  • Do your shopping from reliable e-commerce platforms. For example, Hepsiburada,n11,gittigidiyor etc.
  • Check if the seller is the official seller of the product or any store opened.
  • Before buying the relevant product, you should check the reviews of people who have bought it before in the evaluation section.
  • When you receive the product and reach you, the invoice of the product should also be checked.
  • When you receive the product, you should check the production date and serial number on the box. (It should not be forgotten that these parts can also be fake barcodes.)
  • There should be a control label on the lid. The detachable rings on the caps should then be integrated, which is the original product inside the bottle.


We bought the oil, paying attention to the above items, but still, what to do to be sure

  • The issue that should be considered when purchasing the product is the color of the oil.
  • Assuming the oil is original up to the cap etc. Pour the product into a clear container or a white sheet of paper to visually inspect the oil. In order to distinguish original engine oils from fakes , we must not forget that the original oil fluids are yellowish in color . Fake or used oil has a much darker appearance.
  • After adding the oil, the vehicle’s ignition should be turned on and checked to see if there is an oil warning.
  • Listening to the engine of the vehicle after driving for a few minutes. Although you have put fake oil, early diagnosis as in medical science will save you from high cost expenses.

Let’s say we put the fake oil in our vehicle even though we checked it so much, what should we do?

First of all, as I mentioned above, let’s assume that you listened to the vehicle or gave a warning.

    • Stop the vehicle safely
    • When the vehicle is turned off, take the vehicle to the authorized service with the nearest tow truck.
    • Use your prohibited rights against the company from which you bought the oil.
    • Many users take their vehicles to the masters in auto industry sites in such cases. Of course, not to generalize, as it is recommended to the person who has the problem in the sour dictionary above, it does not make sense to empty the fake oil and put a clean structure on the engine without any other operation, it is obviously not logical to clean your engine completely to remove the fake dirty oil from your engine, but it may seem more costly than a complete breakdown of the engine. it will be fine.

Conclusion :



I tried to inform you about oil according to my own experiences and observations. If you can’t trust internet shopping for motor oil, there are 2 most reliable purchasing methods. One of these is to change the oil through your vehicle’s authorized service, and another method is to go to the address of the nearest authorized dealer from the official site of your vehicle manufacturer or oil company.


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