Tesla Autopilot System Gets Significant Innovation

Tesla, which is the leader in the electric vehicle class, was also working on improvements for the autopilot feature. The work has paid off and the long-awaited Tesla Autopilot update has arrived.

With the new update, the capabilities of the vehicles in the city are now increasing. Let’s talk about the system that allows you to take advantage of the autopilot feature a little more.


Tesla Autopilot, sensing capabilities improved

With the new update that has been tried in the beta program for a while, Tesla vehicles can now detect red lights and traffic signs. After the 2020.16.6 software update , when you put the vehicle on autopilot, traffic lights and stop signs can be detected and the vehicle stops by braking within a safe distance.

Let’s say your car is on autopilot and there are traffic lights in front of you. The system can now detect these traffic lights, and if the light is red, a red stripe is shown on the screen. This strip marks the vehicle’s safe stopping distance. When it comes to the red lane, the autopilot stops the vehicle.

It has been announced that the new update, which also displays information about the situation to the drivers on the screen, is only valid in the USA for now. Also, this feature is still in beta in the upcoming update. So it looks like the improvements will continue for a while. It is not known when the update will come for other countries and when the Tesla Autopilot system will change. For this, the brand needs to go into detailed preparation and expand the navigation systems in all regions.



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