Name Announced for Domestic Car

There has been an ongoing development since the domestic car was introduced. We are not talking about an easy process. You are building an automobile and you will bring it to market for the first time. You have to evaluate the vehicle you have developed separately, the production part separately, and the commercial preparations separately. TOGG did this well.

It is progressing step by step, and with each step , the domestic car becomes a little more ready to go to traffic. The last major development was the laying of the foundations of the production factory. This time, another big step, which is important for commercial purposes, came and the name of the domestic car was announced.


The road will continue with the name TOGG

In the new announcement made by CEO Gürcan Karakaş , it was stated that the ” TOGG ” decision was made for the name of the domestic car. Stating that they are doing tests for this, the CEO said that they have determined that the expression used as an abbreviation of the community formed by the brands that have been involved in the production and development of the car since the first day has settled.

It was announced that the likeness index of the name increased to 73%. In short, TOGG, which was supposed to be the name of the automobile from the beginning and actually stands for “Turkey’s Automobile Enterprise Group”, has now officially become the name of the domestic automobile.

Currently , the brand with this name is already registered in the USA, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Russia, China, Azerbaijan and the European Union . In other words, it will now be valid in many countries of the world. We will see and watch how successful the TOGG car with its new name, which will start to go to traffic at the end of 2022, will achieve in sales.


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