Cruise, General Motors and Microsoft Join Forces for Driverless Car Technology!

Cruise and General Motors today officially announced that they have entered into a long-term strategic partnership with Microsoft , one of the US-based technology and software giants . The aim of this partnership is to accelerate the commercialization of autonomous vehicles. Microsoft, Cruise and General Motors will bring together software and hardware engineering capabilities, cloud computing technology, manufacturing know-how and an ecosystem of partners to expand the reach of self-driving technology .

Important articles about the partnership

  • To unlock the potential of cloud computing for autonomous vehicles, Cruise will leverage Microsoft’s cloud and edge computing platform Azure to commercialize its unique autonomous vehicle solutions at scale.
  • As Cruise’s cloud provider of choice, Microsoft will also leverage Cruise’s deep industry expertise to drive customer-centric product innovation and serve shipping companies around the world by continually investing in Azure.
  • Microsoft will join General Motors, Honda and institutional investors in more than $2 billion in combined new equity investments in Cruise, raising Cruise’s post-money valuation to $30 billion.



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