Hyundai Is The Car Brand With The Most Safety Award!


From past to present, cars have been facing each other in crash tests for a long time, and the safest cars are rewarded at the end of this test. In the latest tests, the Hyundai brand has received the most awards.


Thanks to the developments in the world of technology, cars are getting safer every year. Both the risks of accidents and the risk of injury or death as a result of accidents are decreasing day by day.

Very recently, the Highway Safety Institute has put 2021 model cars in a crash test, and 49 of these vehicles have won the Top Safety Pick+ award, the highest safety certification.

The number of vehicles entitled to receive the award this year has managed to exceed twice the number of last year. The number of cars that managed to receive the Top Safety Pick award increased to 41. This caused the total number of vehicles offering the highest level of security to reach 90. In general, we can learn from these numbers that the 2021 models focus the most on safety.


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