Chronic Problems of Cars Used in Turkey 2021!

In this article, I will talk about the chronic problems experienced in the average 1-6 year old models of automobile companies operating in Turkey . I will list these problems as the brand, model and year, which will be the information that has emerged after a long consultation, both in the vehicles I have used and the vehicles of my friends who are very close to me. The reason why I chose 1-6 years old in the article  is because vehicles have a certain part life and considering the usage conditions in our country, it does not seem right to me to say that vehicles older than 6 years have chronic problems.

Let’s start with our first brand.


1- Volkswagen Group Dsg Transmission Problem ( 2015-2017)

Unfortunately, the dsg problem that people who have more or less a relationship with cars have heard about in the vehicles of this world-famous brand, unfortunately, was that the 2015 skoda octavia vehicle belonging to the volkswagen group was stuck on the road when the current 2015 model was still at 40-50 thousand km. This was my first experience. Then, when my very close friend’s car was only at 50 thousand km, the dsg clutch was changed in the 2017 golf car. Obviously, the fact that there is such a problem when buying a vehicle in this group is one of the issues that confuses people when buying.

If the vehicle is still under warranty, the Volkswagen group provides free replacement under the ‘goodwill’ guarantee for assistance in such matters. However, we see that there is a fee between 8 thousand and 12 thousand for vehicles with warranty and high km.

2- Renault EDC Transmission (2013- 2020)

Let’s move on to gearbox failures then. In Renault brand vehicles, as I mentioned in the title, brain malfunctions can occur in automatic models, and it is possible to find a little more affordable, except for the service, the price of which is around 8-10 thousand at the authorized service.

megane 4: users have mentioned a lot that there is a trim sound from the back of the tape recorder chronically, a crackling sound. . Also, 17-18-19-20 all have it chronically.


symbol: there is always a problem in catalytic converters, they usually solve it in industry

3 – Opel Astra J

When you do a short research on the gasoline versions of the Opel Asra J case code models, the old German and now the new favorite of the PSA group, you can see that malfunctions such as valve meltdown, oil cooler failure, thermostat failure are frequently seen in LPG.

4- Peugeot 308 Torsion and Traverse problem (2014-2015 )

Again, a close friend’s car encountered this problem, and as a result of our research, you can confirm that this problem was experienced in the 308s released between 2014-2015, based on research. Peugeot authorized service replaces Torsion and Traverse parts within the scope of warranty in order not to make customers suffer in this regard, and only charges a labor fee of around 1500 TL .

peugeot 3008 gtline, adblue failure, there are complaints about this problem, but there have been plenty of 1-2 years old vehicles.

5-Hyundai i20 (2014- 2018) Particle, Oxygen Sensor, Cosmetics

This time, I would like to share with you some of the chronicles I learned after buying the Hyundai brand’s i20 1.4 crdi diesel engine style package vehicle, which I am still using. First of all, although I was happy to use the i20, I could never reduce the fuel in the city below 5.8 . This situation may not seem strange to some readers, but other French and Italian vehicles in its segment burn below 5 in the city.

The particle filter became an issue that I was aware of when it turned on an average of 2 months after I bought the vehicle. A lot of people in Facebook groups etc have canceled the particulate filter because they can’t cope anymore. there is no permanent solution to this, you can solve the problem temporarily by making a particle filter at the service or a special service or by using the vehicle at an average of 3000-3500 rpm for a certain km.

Again, related to this problem, as a result of clogging of particulates, the oxygen sensor Lambda sensor malfunctions within certain kilometers or due to problems such as soot binding, the engine failure light is on in the vehicle. In addition, the vehicle can therefore increase to instantaneous fuel values ​​such as 6.5 -6.8.

Unfortunately, Hyundai authorized services do not produce any free solutions in this regard. While the oxygen sensor is around 500-600 TL on the internet, you can pay 2000 TL at the authorized service and 2700 TL when you say particle cleaning etc.

Also, I haven’t experienced it yet, but many people have experienced the steering spring failure in hyundai i20 and blues.

6 – Ford Fiesta 2008-2018 & 2010-2019

The knuckle and air conditioning steering arm problem of the 2008-2018 fiesta. The knuckle problem is so familiar to the users that there is no fiesta that does not vibrate when you make it right or left.
gasoline ford kuga ecoboost 2010-2019 there is a ring breakage problem, the only solution is a crate engine. you can find plenty of complaints about it.

7- Fiat Linea 2013-2017

If we come to the problems I experienced in Linea, one of the popular vehicles of the fiat group, which I took an average of 5 years and 0 km, I can count problems such as airbag cracks in the new type of breasts, glow plug boiling. If the airbag is not a problem cosmetically, the cheapness of the spark plugs does not cause much problem in terms of service. In addition, in all linea models , we can say that it is quite less compared to the above vehicles, except for the explosion of any chronic stop lamp and the shock absorber wedges constantly breaking down and making noise.

For now, these are the problems that I personally see, if you support our article and specify it in the comments. We would be doing people a huge favor.


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