Special Consumption Tax Regulation for Electric Cars Entered into Force!

The new SCT regulation , which was submitted to the parliament in the days we left behind and concerns electric cars , was published in the Official Gazette and entered into force today . With the new regulation in question, major reductions in the price tag of most electric cars are expected.

While the SCT rate applied to electric cars in Turkey reduces the incentive to use electric cars, a bill that is expected to bring a solution to this situation was presented to the parliament in the past days.


The bag was rearranging the rates of the SCT tax collected from electric vehicles in the SCT regulation proposal included in the law. The proposal for the Special Consumption Tax Regulation was accepted by the vote held in the Turkish Grand National Assembly (TBMM).

What does the new SCT Regulation offer?

  • Those whose engine power does not exceed 160 kW
    • 10% SCT if the tax base is below 700 thousand TL
    • Above 40 percent excise duty
  • Engine power exceeding 160 kW
    • 50 percent SCT if the tax base does not exceed 750 thousand TL
  • 60% SCT will be applied to all other electric cars that do not fall within these limits.

With the new SCT regulation, the SCT rate is determined as 10 percent for vehicles whose engine power does not exceed 160 kW and whose SCT base is below 700 thousand TL, while 40 percent for vehicles with 160 kW engine power but whose SCT base is over 700 thousand TL; It will be determined as 50 percent for cars with engine power over 160 kW and SCT base not exceeding 750 thousand TL, and 60 percent for cars that pass.

How was the SCT applied from electric vehicles before the new regulation?

  • 10 percent for vehicles with engine power below 85 kW
  • 25 percent for vehicles with engine power between 85 and 120 kW
  • 60 percent for vehicles with an engine power of 120 kW and above


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