Sony and Honda Joint Company: What’s the Name of the New Company?

Sony , one of the Japanese consumer electronics manufacturers , and the automaker Honda , have officially announced that they have joined forces and established a 50 percent joint venture. The name of the new company that the two companies established by joining forces is Sony Honda Mobility Inc.

Yasuhide Mizune, one of the executives of Honda, will be sitting in the CEO chair of the not-so-creative new company, while Sony’s Vice President Izumi Kawanishi will be sitting in the COO chair. The new company, established as a joint venture, will launch its first electric cars in 2025


While Honda provides resources for production, safety and mobility in the company, which started with electric car targets; Sony will be providing resources on imaging, sensing, telecommunications, networking and entertainment technologies.

In addition, Honda is also working with General Motors (GM) for affordable electric cars using Ultium battery technology. The first cars produced in collaboration with Honda and General Motors are expected to go on sale in North America by 2024.


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