Put Our Dreams In A Black Bag Bro: Apple Car Project Canceled!

We have always admired the designs of the devices produced and released by Cupertino-based technology and software giant Apple , and in many concept designs, posts and news that have been on the internet for years, it was always said that the company would produce a car called Apple Car .

In fact, in recent years, there has been strong news that the company has teamed up to produce cars, made agreements with various car manufacturers, and will go into mass production by 2025 and offer a car for consumer purchase by 2025. Of course, these were all speculations because no official statement was made by the company.


Today, rumors emerged that things were not going well at Apple Headquarters regarding the alleged Apple Car in a post on Twitter by Ming-Chi Kuo and that the team was disbanded.


According to Kuo, the company’s team working on the Apple Car disbanded months ago, and if the company really wants to meet its targets and start mass production in 2025, it will have to reorganize its work in this area very quickly in the next three or six months, otherwise the 2025 target is a failure. year may be delayed.

Our information on the subject is limited to these at the moment, we will share it with you when new information emerges in the future.


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