Porsche Announced 2021 Financial Reports and New Goals!

Germany-based automaker Porsche announced its financial reports for 2021 on Friday. The German luxury sports car manufacturer company stated that its sales increased by 15 percent in the previous year, and announced that it earned 33.1 billion Euros.

In addition, the company announced that it saw an increase of 27 percent on an annual basis in its operating profits, which is worth 5.3 billion euros. Porsche reached the strongest figures in company history, selling a total of 301,915 cars worldwide in fiscal 2021.


Taycan , one of Porsche’s electric cars , sold 41 thousand 296 units, selling twice as much as the previous year (2020). The company said in its financial report release that it hopes to launch a new lineup of mid-engine vehicles that will be electric-only, and is preparing to launch an additional new electric car in 2025.

The goal is to sell fully electric cars by 2025!

The company also announced that it expects half of all Porsche sales to come from purely electric vehicles by 2025.

The automaker also announced that it will invest in a “premium segment charging station” both with its business partners and in its own charging infrastructure. Additionally, Cellforce Group, a joint venture between Porsche and Customcells, will develop high-performance battery cells that could be ready for mass production, starting operations in 2024.


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