Lucid Motors Will Use Nvidia’s Drive Hyperion Platform

In the recent Nvidia keynote, the company officially announced that it has partnered with the United States-based electric car manufacturer Lucid Motors, and in response, automaker Lucid Motors stated that it will use Nvidia’s new Drive Hyperion platform for autonomous driving for its current future models.

Hyperion platform ; It’s similar to Tesla’s proprietary autonomous driving chip and allows manufacturers to tweak driving characteristics. The platform enables some advanced driver assistance systems, automatic parking and autonomous driving.


Lucid Motors already sells the Lucid Air Electric Car, and the higher segments of the Lucid Air family, such as the Dream Edition and the Grand Touring, have 14 cameras, 5 radars, 12 ultrasonic and LiDAR sensors, and will therefore be ideal devices to use Nvidia’s new platform.

The company’s SUV, dubbed Project Gravity, is expected to arrive in 2024 and will likely be the first car to use Nvidia’s Drive Hyperion platform from launch.


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