Excise Tax Change in Electric Cars Is Going!

Although it is not common in our country today, the use of electric cars is quite common, and today an SCT regulation concerning electric cars has come to the fore in our country . What kind of changes will there be in car prices with this regulation, which aims to support the production of the domestic electric car TOGG?

According to the news on the agenda, some changes came to the agenda regarding the Special Consumption Tax (SCT) levied on electric vehicles during the discussions on topics such as 3600 additional indicators.


In this context, the tax rate levied on electric cars that do not exceed 160 kW and whose excise tax base is below 700 thousand TL will be applied as 10 percent, and it is aimed to support the production of domestic cars in this way.

According to the allegations and news about the subject, the motion was submitted by the AKP, and the Party’s Group Deputy Chairman, Mustafa Elitaş, made statements on the subject.

According to Elitaş, considering the high-priced vehicles in electric cars without SCT, he stated that this practice was introduced later in 2021, as competition was damaged, and that this would adversely affect domestic automobile production; He stated that for this reason, the excise duty was reduced.

What will the new taxation look like?

  • 40 percent for vehicles under 160 kW with an SCT base of 700 thousand TL.
  • 50 percent for vehicles above 160 kW and whose excise tax base does not exceed 750 thousand TL .
  • 60 percent in vehicles exceeding these amounts
  • 10 percent in those not exceeding 85 kW
  • 25 percent in vehicles between 85-120kW
  • 60 percent in vehicles above 120kW


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