AITO’s Luxury SUV Model Wenjie M7 Will Be Released In July!

AITO, the automobile company owned by Huawei, one of the China-based technology giants, will launch its largest and most luxurious electric SUV model on July 4. Introduced with the Nova 10 series, AITO Wenjie M7 will begin to meet consumers.

The car is a large six-seater SUV model very similar to the recently announced Li Auto L9, 5,020 mm long, 1,945 mm wide and 1775 mm high, the M7 is available in two different configurations ; Model with single-engine rear-wheel drive of 200 kW (268 hp) and all-wheel drive with two electric motors delivering a combined power of 330 kW (442 hp) .


Both models have a range extender; So what is this range extender?

Both models come with a non-wheel-mounted 1.5T four-cylinder range extender, which will only be used to recharge the battery when needed. The battery of both models is supplied by CATL and offers an estimated range of 135 km.

Cars with range extenders are very popular in the Chinese market and can be an ideal option for areas where charging infrastructure is uneven or non-existent.

Range extenders do not have to comply with any emission regulations. For an ICE-powered car, emissions must remain within certain limits and the car must be equipped with a catalytic converter as a minimum. Since the range extender motors are not connected to the driving wheels, they do not technically power the vehicle and therefore no restrictions need to be observed.


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