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Xbox for Windows Will Show If Games Are Compatible With Your PC!

Microsoft , one of the technology and software giants based in the United States , has launched a new feature for the Xbox application for Windows. The feature, which has been in testing for six months, will be able to show whether a game is compatible with your computer.


The update in the Xbox app puts a small tag on the game pages that indicates how a game is played on the similar computer you are using. It gives clear answers to your questions.

According to the statements made by the company; As it takes time to gather enough information to make performance recommendations, especially for newly added games, “you may not see a performance check for every game.” said. In addition, with the update, improvements are provided throughout the application and on the Search side.

The entire navigation is now moved to the sidebar and the search feature has improved results accuracy to include EA Play and Ubisoft Connect games. Microsoft says it will soon roll out the Xbox desktop app update that offers these new features.


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