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What About You: Amazon Renews Its Design Similar To TikTok!

The world’s most popular online sales platform , Amazon , is making changes in its design, and the most striking part of the design change in the resulting screenshots was the “For You” tab, which looks like TikTok’s flow page.


According to the allegations on the subject, the company will display promotional videos about the product, such as the product promotional videos of the phenomena in TikTok, in this tab, and customers will be able to purchase the products in these promotional videos from the popup screen.

According to the statements discovered and made by the artificial intelligence research platform Watchful, the sales giant will be able to share videos/photos showing the real state of the products in the tab similar to TikTok’s design, and list the products in the share in the popup tab, so users will be able to discover new products.

The new screen with a four-cornered, diamond-like icon added to the navigation bar will have the like, share and options button, while the small image button of the product will offer a shortcut to purchase the product in the share. It is not known when the feature, which is still under development, will be available.


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