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Summer Campaign Starts for GeForce Now Bundles

GeForce Now packages are constantly changing in our country. Just last month, the daily package was removed for a while and it came back this month. Just at this time when the schools are on vacation, the news of the summer campaign came this time.

We see that there is a discount not for every package, but for the best selling subscription packages. So, how did the prices in the packages change after these discounts?


GeForce Now Summer Campaign Details

There are two packages available at a discount. Summer deal 3-month Premium package and summer deal 1-month Premium package. There is no change between the two packages, except for the duration. One is 1 month and the other is 3 months. Therefore, let’s first give the properties of the packages.

In these packages;

  • priority access
  • Unlimited play (renew session every 6 hours)
  • RTX Active
  • It has features. When it comes to the prices of the packages with the discount, I add it below.

    • Summer Deal 3-Month Premium package – 180 TL with 25% discount instead of 240 TL
    • Summer Deal 1-Month Premium Package – 80 TL with 27% discount instead of 110 TL

    There are no price changes for other packages. It should also be noted that the last day to take advantage of the GeForce Now summer opportunity was announced as June 30 . After that, prices will be back to normal.


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