RTX 4090 Founders Edition Spotted Just Ahead of the Launch

We will meet the RTX 40 series after hours. There is a very short time left for the promotion, but it seems that the leaks will continue until the last moment. This time , we were able to see the RTX 4090 Founders Edition in blood.

In the leak, we see that the new graphics card is in the hands of CEO Jensen Huang . We understand better what kind of model we will encounter in terms of design.


RTX 4090 Founders Edition Will Come With A Similar Design

If we look at the image, the new flagship will not make a big difference in terms of design. 

Although the writing style of the RTX 4090 expression on the card has changed, it should be said that it is not an exaggerated change. The design structure that our eyes are accustomed to continues.

Now, what changes are under the shell, that is, under the visible part, will be revealed after the introduction. After hours, we will be sharing the features of the new series with you.


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