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Outriders Is Free For A Limited Time! Don’t miss out

We have reached such a level that I am tired of making free game news.¬†ūüôā We have a free game every week.¬†This time, the situation is a little different.¬†This time, a slightly more ambitious game has been free and will remain free for a short time.¬†The game we’re talking about is¬†Outriders¬†, as you can see from the title .


The game, signed by Square Enix, is counting the days for a new expansion pack.¬†We’ll see the WorldSlayer¬†bundle launch¬†on June 30¬†.¬†I think the reason for this free play event is to re-engage interest in the game before the pack.¬†So what are our details?

How Long Is Outriders Free?

You can try the demo of the game right now. Demo version already exists. Apart from that, the production will be playable for free until June 23, 20:00 .

Users need to add the game to their account via the Steam page and play during this time.

I will also have an answer for those who ask how I will continue the game later. If you want to continue the game, you will have to buy it. At the end of this period, the game will be offered for a fee again.

But for a short time, there is a discount in the price. As part of the event, the price of the game was reduced to 134 TL . They got a 45% discount . A 10% discount has been made in the new DLC package that will be released.


I ‘m¬†adding the Steam page where you can¬†see the details and add the¬†Outriders¬†game to your account .


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