MSI Arc A380 Graphics Card Announced! How are the features?

Intel now has a say in the graphics card market. Investments in this area are explained one by one. The Arc A380 , the first desktop model, seems to open to the world. So much so that now the MSI Arc A380 graphics card model has appeared.

If you remember, we first saw the GUNNIR special model for the new graphics card. Then came ASRock. Now that MSI takes a step means that Intel’s graphics cards are also adopted by giant brands.


Of course, this is the first model for Intel yet, and it’s more specific to the Chinese market. We’ll talk about the details, but let’s take a look at this card first.

Features of MSI Arc A380 Graphics Card

The new graphics card comes with a dual fan design . It’s a low-profile graphics card and an entry-level model, but MSI chose to use two fans on the card.

Apart from the fans with MSI writing on the front, there is a very simple design. In terms of the technical features of the card, it should be noted that it reflects the reference model as it is.

With 6 GB GDDR6 15.5 Gbps memory, 2000 MHz clock speed, 75W TDP, the graphics card has a slightly different aspect than other special models.

So much so that MSI used this card in a ready-made system. Instead of offering the card externally, we see the new graphics card in the ready-made system offered for sale in China. Let’s add that there are 3 different options for processors in entry-level PC models.

Users can choose Intel Core i3-10105F, i5-10400F, i5-12400F processors with this graphics card . Prices, on the other hand, start at $530 when converted to the dollar rate .


I don’t think MSI will sell this card externally. On the other hand, what I’m really curious about is whether the new Intel graphics card is out of ChinSpecial models have also started to arrive, but the series are always offered exclusively for China. No manufacturer has brought this model to the European market. Not yet.


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