Lenovo RTX 4090 Unveiled Once Again

While we eagerly await the RTX 40 series, we also closely follow the special models prepared by our business partners. One of these models, which we expect to appear right after the introduction, is the Lenovo RTX 4090 .

A couple of days ago, images of the new graphics card placed in the Legion player series case appeared. Now, cool visuals have emerged that reveal the dimensions of the new graphics card.


Lenovo GeForce RTX 4090 Will Be 36cm Long

In the new image, we see that the video card in question is placed side by side with the Legion Y9000X laptop model .

The image clearly shows that the card will be larger than the laptop model. We will see that there are 3 fans on the card, which is said to have a size of 36 cm , but a 4-slot design will be adopted.In other words, the card will be a very thick model with a new cooler design. Previously, some images about the cooling system appeared. In these images, the giant copper steam room drew attention.We can say that the cooler with 13 copper heat pipes is the largest we have seen so far. It will now be possible to learn more after the official introduction of the card.


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