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Launch Date Announced for Huawei Mate 50!

Huawei , one of the China-based technology and software giants , announced the launch date of the smartphone models in the new generation flagship segment in an announcement made today. According to the statements made, the Mate 50 series will be introduced at the launch event to be held in China on September 6, and at least four models are expected to be introduced at the launch, namely the Mate 50E, Mate 50, Mate 50 Pro and Mate 50 Porsche Design RS.Another announcement we expect to see at launch is the company’s imaging engine XMage, which provides stunning night photography and is expected to replace Leica technologies in the development of the photo enhancement algorithm. Apart from these, all models to be introduced are expected to introduce a special NPU developed by HiSilicon that will perform the mathematical operations required by XMage.



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