Honda Prologue Spotted While Test Driven On The Roads!

Honda , one of the Japan-based automakers , started promotional campaigns for its upcoming electric car Prologue in May, and now a covered prototype has been secretly spotted while test-driving on the roads. Honda Prolouge uses the Ultium EV platform produced by General Motors, and in fact, the vehicle is developed in partnership with General Motors.

When we look at the photos leaked to the internet, the general lines and proportions of the car are very similar to the Chevy Blazer, but these are not surprising information because the Blazer model is also built on the Ultium platform. The car’s similarity to the Blazer continues in a long wheelbase, short overhangs and side profile.


The Prologue model will be available from early 2024, during which time the car’s design is likely to receive major changes . Also, the prototype currently in test drive does not belong to the final product, if the design changes, the differences with the Blazer will decrease.

Honda is fueling car enthusiasts’ excitement by releasing a video about the story behind the car’s design process.


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