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Free Game of the Week at Epic Games: Maneater

Eat Maneater , Explore, Arrive The game, which is sold at a price of 69.00 TL, is currently free on Epic Games and don’t forget to hurry up and add it to your library.

What Kind of Game Is Maneater And How Long Is It Free?

We can say that it is an incredible game with interesting hit effects where you manage the Maneater shark. In order to climb the steps one by one, you must keep up with the ecosystem, feed and survive in the wild world. Eat. Discover. Arrival. As they say, you should find the right resources, develop early and enjoy the game.


 The game is free for a short time and ends on 16.06.2022 at 18:00 . Don’t forget to add it to your library early.

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