Former Lamborghini Executive Joins Apple: Could Apple Car Be Seriously Coming?

According to a new report released by Mark Gurman from the Bloomberg team, a former manager of Lamborghini, one of the Italian supersports car manufacturers, has joined the company staff for Apple Car, one of the software and technology giants based in the United States, and Apple Car, which embellishes the electric car dream of consumers.

If Apple is actually working on a car, it will be very futuristic because there will be no steering wheel and no brake pedals!

The report, released by Gurman, suggests that Apple hired 20-year Lamborghini veteran Luigi Taraborrelli to lead the design of the vehicle. During his time at Lamborghini, Luigi oversaw chassis and vehicle dynamics engineering.


Earlier in July, Wayne Ma of The Information team suggested that Apple’s car in question will feature a curved roof with all four seats facing inward and a design similar to that of a Volkswagen Beetle, and a trunk that automatically rises for easy access.

The report also suggests that the US-based company is in constant negotiation with the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration because it is seeking an exemption to bring a vehicle without a steering wheel and brake pedal to market.


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