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Fall Guys Now Totally Free!

There are some fun games that you can play for hours even if the graphics are not very good or they do not have a story. Fall Guys is one such game. The game where you can have fun with your friends is now more fun.


Because the expected news from the game came and the production was made completely free through Epic Games . It was also announced that the new season for the production has begun.

Fall Guys Now On Epic Games Platform

The operation was already clear in the console part of the game. But an important step was expected for the PC version. Because it was said that Epic Games will make the game completely free and that the game will be broadcast on Steam.

These rumors have turned into reality. As of today, the game has been released for free on the Epic Games Store . Of course, sales on the Steam page have also been stopped.

It should be noted that multiplayer support and cross-platform support will continue as well.

With this decision, a new season was started in the game. Let’s also mention that the players will directly encounter the new season.

In the meantime, I would like to remind you that there are still paid sales for costumes, additional packages and similar additional items that you can add to the game.




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