AMD Launches AM5 Era! New Motherboards Coming

A new architecture was introduced in AMD’s new processors. Now there is the Zen 4 architecture , and new processors that come with this new architecture will need to switch to a new socket platform. AMD AM5 will now be used.

All new generation Ryzen 7000 models will be available on this new socket platform. In the announcement made by AMD, we understood more clearly when we will see new motherboards. Exact release dates have been given for the new motherboards.


AM5 Era Officially Begins

The AMD AM5 platform is based on the 1718 pin LGA socket. With the new structure, dual channel DDR5 5600 MHz memory speeds will be supported. Of course, other new technologies such as PCIe 5.0 will also be supported.

We will also see updated chipsets on motherboards offered for new sockets. AMD made two separate groupings in this regard. The high-end models X670E and X670, which will offer dual-channel DDR5 memory support, AMD Expo support, PCIe 5.0 support for NVMe, will be available in September .

The B650E and B650 models, which will support new technologies such as DDR5 support and AMD Expo support, will go on sale in October .

We will be meeting new motherboards from many manufacturers such as ASRock, Biostar, ASUS, MSI, and Gigabyte very soon. In other words, as you can see, we are now transitioning to the latest generation technologies in AMD processors, as in Intel.


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