2022 Steam Summer Sale Starts

The 2022 Steam Summer Sale has finally started. The date for the summer sales was leaked last week, but we didn’t see the official announcement. Fortunately, the allegations were also true and as of June 23, the summer discounts started.


Let’s state that there is now official information about when the summer discounts will end, and let’s move on to the details for the discounts.

How Long Will the 2022 Steam Summer Sale Continue?

Let’s say from the beginning that if you want to buy discounted games, you will have to be quick. So much so that the discounts will not continue for very long.

According to the official statement, the discount will last until 07 July 2022 20:00 Turkish time .

Apart from that, it will be possible to reach various Steam digital gift cards during the summer sales.

No need to mention the games anyway. When we check for now, it seems that there are very serious discounts on thousands of games. There are discounts up to 80%.

In the future, we will also share recommendations for the best games that can be bought in summer sales. For now, let’s announce the start of the discount period.


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