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When is the Ottoman Empire Coming to Age of Empires 4?

Age of Empires 4 , which was announced as the sequel to the series after a long break, continues on its way by receiving various updates for about a year. On the one hand, updates were offered, but it was civilization updates that we were waiting for for the game. So much so that there were not many civilizations in the basic version of the game.

In particular, we were wondering when the Ottomans will be added to the game or when. Fortunately, the announcement we’ve been waiting for has arrived.


Ottomans Coming to Age of Empires 4

After the announcement made as part of Gamescom 2022 , we finally learned that two new civilizations will come to the game. One of these civilizations will be the Ottoman Empire .

The Ottoman Empire , which will draw attention with its powerful cannons and powerful soldiers, will also come as one of the most powerful civilizations in the game.

The other civilization that will be added to the game next to the Ottomans will be the Malians . I think Malis, which stands out more in terms of management and shows itself with its strategic structure, will remain in the background a little more.

We will wait for October for both civilizations. The two civilizations will be added to the game with the update coming on October 25th .

Thus, the total number of civilizations in the game will be up to 10. We expect new civilizations to come in the next period. It will probably continue to expand.




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