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Tannenberg is Free for a Short Time

Taking action after Epic Games’ weekly free game campaigns, Steam increased the number of game campaigns. The firm now lets us try more games for free. Tannenberg was one of the last examples in this regard.

The game, which was offered for sale on Steam, was made free for users for a short time to try. In addition, as always, a discount campaign is offered for those who want to have the game completely during this period. Let’s look at the details.


How Long Is Tannenberg Free?

The Tannenberg game with the theme of World War I, which also has Turkish interface support , can be tried for free until Friday, September 2 at 20:00 .

Since it is an online-based game, we expect a large participation during the free trial period.

If you like the ambitious FPS game that will allow frontline battles for up to 64 players during this time, you will have to purchase it to continue. The good news is that there is a discount there, too.

If you like the game, you can take advantage of the 80% discount campaign valid until September 2. Let us remind you that the production, whose normal price is 39 TL , has dropped to a price of 7.80 TL with this discount .

I’m also adding the game’s Steam page here.




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