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Sony Announces DualSense Edge!

Sony , one of the technology manufacturers based in Japan , introduced a new controller called DualSense Edge for the PlayStation 5 game console in an announcement made today. DualSense Edge has the title of the most customizable Sony controller you’ve ever seen.

DualSense Edge has four new buttons, two on the back and two function buttons on the bottom, and offers an improved joystick and trigger buttons. At the same time, there are improvements and reinforcements on the USB port side. Back buttons (LB and RB) provide additional functionality allowing remap controls. The buttons are switchable between sleeve and half dome designs.


The new joysticks on the DualSense Edge have interchangeable caps that can be switched between standard, high dome and low dome. You can also replace the entire joystick module, so if one or both of your joysticks are damaged, you can simply remove and replace the faulty part without replacing the entire controller.

All control and adjustments are now yours!

Users will now be able to adjust stick sensitivity as well as closed zones. You can create and switch profiles with your preset controls. In addition, you can use other functions such as game volume, chat balance and controller profile settings menu via the two function buttons attached to the joysticks.

The trigger buttons on the top are also now adjustable. You can change the motion and off zones using the switches on the back. Sony said in a statement that it has upgraded the USB-C connector with a locking mechanism that locks and does not come off.

What’s in the DualSense Edge box contents?From the DualSense Edge box contents; It will be coming out with a set of stick caps, a set of back buttons, as well as a modified USB-C cable with locking mechanism and braid. It will also offer a carrying case that not only houses the controller and its accessories, but can also charge the controller while inside using USB.


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