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GTA 5 NaturalVision Evolved Mod Released! Graphics Fly

An important reason why the GTA 5 game still attracts so much attention and the number of players is at its peak is the mod support of the game. There are so many good mods being developed for the game that every time he wakes up he wants to play the game again. GTA 5  NaturalVision Evolved  is one of these mods.

NaturalVision Evolved, which has been under development for about 2 years and is basically a graphic mode, was finally released as a playable version. Let me tell you from the beginning that with the new mode, the game comes to a very different point.


What Does GTA 5 NaturalVision Evolved Mod Change?

The difference brought by the mod is seen in the graphics section. After the mod, we can say that the reality in the game increases a little more.

New graphics mode; It enhances all lighting, ambient colors, color tones, weather conditions, coatings, model textures, building models and even finished and water surfaces.

I wouldn’t be lying if I said that with the graphics mode, the game reaches the quality of 2022 graphics.

Of course, the article will not be enough to explain the mod. We need to show much more. I am also attaching the trailer video published for this.

I’m adding the official page here for you to get the new version of the mod that I recommend GTA 5 lovers to try .

You can now try the early access version with all its details.




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