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God of War Ragnarök Timed! Another Bad News

Game price hikes on Steam have been on the agenda for a while. Yes, serious raises have started to come to games on Steam, but this is not limited to Steam. The prices of many famous productions have also started to increase. The latest God of War Ragnarök has been increased.

The game, which is still in the pre-order stage, is displayed on the PlayStation Store page with its new price. We will look at the difference between the old and new prices of the game, but I would like to point out that if the increases continue, it will be difficult to buy games.


How Has God of War Ragnarök Turkey Price Changed?

In the first period when the pre-orders of the game were announced, the prices were as follows according to the packages.

First Announced Prices

  • Standard Edition PS5 and PS4: 699 TL
  • Standard Edition PS4: 599 TL
  • Digital Deluxe Edition PS5: 789 TL

We see that the prices have changed for all packages after the price hikes. Let’s add the current prices right below.

Pre-Order Prices After Increases

  • Standard Edition PS5 and PS4: 799 TL
  • Standard Edition PS4: 699 TL
  • Digital Deluxe Edition PS5: 899 TL

The increase is obvious. We hope that the upward trend of prices does not continue. Of course, the effect of the exchange rate here is huge. If the increase in the exchange rates continues, the price increases will probably continue.


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