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FIFA 23 Launched into Early Access with a Major Mistake

An unexpected error came to the fore for FIFA 23 , the new FIFA game, which we expect to be released at the end of September . The new game was opened to access exactly 1 month early due to the error.

Some players who noticed the situation had the opportunity to try the game. This is how new player cards appear.


Although the bug was fixed in a short time, the cards have already been published for the best players to take part in the game.

FIFA 23 Player Cards Revealed

The players, who viewed the cards in the Ultimate Team section, also shared their new player ratings. If we look at the cards, the players with an average score out of 90 will be as follows;

  • Cristiano Ronaldo – 90
  • Mbappe – 91
  • De Bruyne – 91
  • Messi – 91
  • Benzema – 91
  • Lewandowski – 91
  • Courtois – 90
  • Van Dijk – 90
  • Neuer – 90
  • Salah – 90.
  • Judging by the leaked player cards, some players will have a drop in points. For example, we see that Ronaldo’s tempo score has been reduced to 81 in the production of FIFA 23. In addition, there is a decrease in the overall score.

    Considering that there are updates made according to the new season, it is normal for some players to have a decrease in their scores.

    As for the leak, there is not much to say. The game was already being tested as a closed beta. We did not expect this kind of leak, but a lot of information about the game has already been shared. So I don’t think the leak will affect EA Games much.


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