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An Explanation for PlayStation 5 Turkey Prices Has Been Released! Is there a raise?

We have announced that PlayStation 5  game consoles have increased globally. With the economic changes experienced, the prices of the console had officially changed in many countries.

However, there was no official statement about whether Turkey’s prices will change. We saw the prices rise immediately, but as we said, there was no official hike announcement by PlayStation Turkey . Here’s the announcement of the expected increase was made today.


It has been announced that the price of the console in Turkey has increased as in the global market. So how are the officially recommended prices in Turkey?

PlayStation 5 Turkey Price – Minus and New Prices

Before this hike announcement came, the price of the console was 11,999 TL . Although this was the price that was officially determined, it was also difficult to find the console at these prices in the market. After the last hike, the prices were as follows.

  • PS5 Standard Edition – 13,199 TL
  • PS5 Digital Edition – 11,199 TL

    Here are the new officially announced prices. However, these announced prices do not seem to be very valid in the market. Because when we look at the sales prices, we see that the console has sales prices of 16-17 thousand TL.

    Although the recommended retail prices are increased in this way, we still do not know why the prices are above these figures in the market.



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