Xcode Cloud is Available to Developers!

As of today, Apple , one of the United States-based software and technology giants , has launched Xcode Cloud subscriptions , the continuous integration and distribution service built into the developers’ Xcode application . Xcode Cloud service; It provides cloud-based tools for developers to build apps, run automated tests, deliver apps to testers, and manage user feedback.

Four subscription plans available and a bit pricey 🙁

In fact, the Xcode Cloud service has been available to all developers since June after several months of beta testing, but subscriptions have not been available until now. There are a total of four monthly plans for developers to choose from, depending on the total number of processing hours needed.


25 trading hours per month are free, but after that you have to pay $15 per month. It has a price tag of $50 for 100 trading hours per month , $100 for 250 trading hours per month, and $400 for 1000 trading hours per month.

What is the hour calculation based on?

Apple says developers can get started by configuring a workflow in Xcode and will receive 25 processing hours per month for free until the end of 2023. As noted above, pricing for this plan will be $15 once the introductory period ends.

Compute clock is a clock used to run a task such as building an application or running tests in the cloud, and Compute clock usage can be tracked via App Store Connect and the Apple Developer app.


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