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WhatsApp Privacy Updates Announced

Claims have been on the agenda for WhatsApp privacy updates for a while. There was constant news of leaks. The statement confirming these news finally came.

Details of the update for the application have been announced via WhatsApp’s official blog account. Thus, it was revealed that a new era in privacy would begin.


What Does WhatsApp Privacy Updates Cover? What Has Changed?

Privacy updates are nothing new anyway. WhatsApp has made privacy updates many times before .

Many features such as end-to-end encryption of messages, timed messages, 2-step verification, chat blocking have been released. Now we will see 3 more new features within the scope of the update. I am adding these features and what they will bring right below.

WhatsApp Privacy Updates Announced

Screenshot Blocking Feature in One-Time Messages

The first innovation is in taking screenshots. From now on , screenshots will be blocked for messages sent using the view once feature .

When users want to take screenshots in such messages, if screenshots are blocked; They will see a message saying “Screen capture is blocked to increase privacy. Quietly Leaving Groups When you left the group, all group members could see it. After the improvements made within the scope of WhatsApp privacy updates , users can now leave the group silently. Only group admins will be able to get information about it.


New Era for Online Status

This seems to be the most effective part. Now users will be able to choose who can see their online visibility. If you want who to see if you are online, you will make adjustments accordingly. The update will come again this month for all users.WhatsApp Privacy Updates Announced

WhatsApp privacy updates are limited to this for now. WhatsApp loves updates. He’s constantly posting something new. So let’s say see you in a new update


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