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A New Gameplay Video Released for God of War Ragnarök

New posts continue to come from time to time for God of War Ragnarök , one of the most anticipated games of the year .

A cinematic video that gave a glimpse of the story of the latest game was shared. Let alone this video, now a video has been released that offers the first gameplay footage from the game. The video published by Game Informer also gives us a glimpse of the game. Let’s take a look at this video.


What Details Are In The God of War Ragnarök Gameplay Video?

First of all, let’s say that the video is not very long. A video of 1 minute 40 seconds . But it gives good information for the dynamics that will take place in the game. It should be noted that the legendary weapons of the game are also included in the video.

The Leviathan Ax and Chaos Blades stand out directly. We also see that we can load special bonuses such as freezing or caustic effects on our legendary weapons.

As for the combat dynamics, as always, the animations are quite successful. There are even significant improvements in animations compared to the previous game.

The combat dynamics definitely look a little more realistic. No words for graphics and environmental models. Even just this short video is proof that a game worth waiting for is coming.

Similar posts will come from time to time, but of course, it will be possible to make the main evaluation of the game after November 9, 2022 . The game will come for both PS5 and PS4.


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