iOS 16 mobile operating system was announced as part of WWDC 2022. The beta process for the operating system, which was announced as part of the event, started immediately. But we were waiting for September for the release of the final version.

Apple did not break its tradition and announced that the new operating system will be released in September. In fact, we can say that the release date coincides with the period we expect.


When will iOS 16 be released?

According to the statement made at the iPhone 14 event, the final version of the iOS 16 operating system will be available for download on September 12, 2022 .

In a very short time, we will see that all iPhone models that will receive updates are updated.

The new update will not come to some old series. We will see that updates are offered for the series after the iPhone 8 models.

Now, after the final version is released, the update process for the new operating system will begin. In fact, if you look at it, there are features that we expect to be updated. We will probably see a fast update process again and version 16 will be revised with new versions in a short time.





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