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Spotify Raised! Old and New Prices

Spotify, one of the most used music services in our country, upset again. So much so that Spotify subscription fees have been hiked once again . Speaking of exchange rates and stuff, we’re going to have to spend more money on the service from now on.

Of course, the first question that comes to our mind when it comes to a raise is “How much difference is there between the old prices and the new prices?” there is a question. If you wish, let’s talk about the increase rate and make a comparison between the old prices and the new prices.


How did the prices change after the Spotify hike?

We will add prices down for individual packages, but I can say that there is a 15-16% increase . The prices we will share shortly are valid from today.

Only for old members, there is something like that old members will continue to use for 2 more months at the same price.

After October, existing members will also have to pay at the new prices. After giving these details, we can now list Spotify’s increased prices.

Spotify Raised! Old and New Prices

Spotify Increased Prices and Old Prices August 1, 2022

Package After the raise  Before Raise 
family package 34.99 TL 29.99 TL
duo pack 27.99 TL 23.99 TL
Student Package 10.49 TL 8.99 TL
Individual Package 20.99 TL 17.99 TL

Here are the prices after the hike. I hope one day we can report that the discount has arrived. After all, we are talking about a widely used digital service. The rise in prices is not satisfactory.


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