Back to School Campaign for Students from ASUS

With the start of the school term, technology giants have also started to announce their back-to-school campaigns, which offer various advantages for students. A good campaign news for students who will return to school came from ASUS .

Let’s take a look at the details of the #OneDaywithRog campaign announced by ASUS and the benefits the brand has to offer.


Back-to-School Surprise for Students from ASUS

Before we go into the details of the campaign, we will have to talk about ASUS’ new algorithm. As you know, when it comes to choosing a computer, preferences and needs change for each student. While some students want gaming computers that keep gaming power ahead, some students need computers with high processing power to help create content.

Here, ASUS has developed an important algorithm that will guide students in choosing a computer according to these changing needs and preferences and offer suggestions according to their needs. Users will be able to see the computer models that are most suitable for them by choosing the features they want (such as all-day durability, content creation or lightweight design) by using the said algorithm on the address that will remain open throughout the campaign period .

Let’s talk about the details of the campaign and what the students will gain.

Back to School Campaign for Students from ASUS

Surprise Gifts for Students

Within the scope of the campaign, those who buy any of the player computers determined from technology stores will be entitled to receive the “Team ROG School Set” accessory package by entering the promotional codes on .


In the accessory kit prepared by considering the materials that students may need;

  • Backpack,
  • Mouse Pad,
  • Pen,
  • Notebook,
  • Thermos,
  • computer case
  • There’s a t-shirt.


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