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Yemeksepeti Plus is Coming!

Yemeksepeti, one of the popular food and grocery ordering applications in our country , announced one of its new services, Yemeksepeti+ subscription program The new subscription program will offer users various advantages.

According to recent news, Yemeksepeti, one of the online food and grocery delivery startups, is working on a new membership layer that users can have for a fee.


You will have to pay a monthly fee to benefit from Yemeksepeti Plus service, and users who benefit from this service will have special discounts, free deliveries and special prices from partner brands for every restaurant order.

Yemeksepeti Plus will offer privileges in all areas.Yemeksepeti Plus is Coming!

The membership tier will offer privileges not only in the food orders area, but also in Yemeksepeti Mahalle and Yemeksepeti Market orders. One of the most striking features of the program is that there is no shipping fee.

When will Yemeksepeti Plus be available?

The subscription service will enter the testing phase with selected users in the last quarter of 2022, and it is aimed to make the Yemeksepeti+ membership program available to all Yemeksepeti users in 2023 .


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