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Reduction in Gasoline Prices: How Much Will Prices Drop?

According to the speculation information based on industry sources, it is expected that there will be a reduction in the liter price of gasoline, which has recently increased. According to these speculations, as of midnight tonight, there will be a discount of 1 Turkish Lira and 4 cents in the liter price of gasoline.

The successive changes in Brent oil prices and exchange rates cause the fuel prices in our country to change constantly. In recent days, serious times have come, especially for diesel, and the liter price has increased to 27 Turkish Liras.


What will be the gasoline prices in metropolitan cities as a result of the discount?

According to the speculations based on the emerging sector sources, it is stated that a good move will be made in the coming days that will closely interest the citizens. According to these sources, it is expected that 1 Turkish Lira and 4 cents discount will be made in the liter price of gasoline, effective as of 30 August , that is, from midnight tonight .

  • If the discount is realized, the gasoline prices in the metropolitan cities will be updated as follows:
    • Istanbul: 20.14 Turkish Liras,
    • Izmir: 20.25 Turkish Liras,
    • Ankara: 20.26 Turkish Liras

Prices are taken from Opet’s official site, may vary.


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