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New Generation PlayStation 5 Models Are Now Lighter Than Before!

According to statements made by Japanese retailers in the past days, PlayStation 5 iterations, called CFI-1200, announced that they will be released on September 15, and today the Australian-based media platform Press Start stated that this latest edition is lighter than the revision in 2021.

The previous production (‘CFI-1100’) was 300g lighter than the model released (for the Digital Edition) due to the redesign of the cooler. It’s quite possible that this latest revision will also reduce weight by shortening the heat sink. It is stated that the new Disc Edition is now as heavy as the original Digital Edition.New Generation PlayStation 5 Models Are Now Lighter Than Before!

  • PlayStation 5 (Disc)
    • Original Condition: 4.5kg
    • 2021 Revision: 4.2kg
    • 2022 Revision: 3.9kg
  • PlayStation 5 (Digital)
    • Original Condition: 3.9kg
    • 2021 Revision: 3.6kg
    • 2022 Revision: 3.4kg

There is some speculation that this revision moves the APU to the 6nm node (down from the original 7nm node), but this has not been officially confirmed. If the speculations are correct, the device will now need less cooling, which may justify the weight savings. Either way, it is stated that the latest revision is optimized for faster production.


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