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Apple Watch 8 Introduced! Features and Price

Apple’s highly anticipated new generation smartwatch model was introduced. The Apple Watch 8 series came with features similar to the ones we encountered in the leaks.

What are the features of the smart watch, which will set a new threshold for high-end smart watches? How is the design? Let’s see.


How is the Apple Watch 8 Design?

We cannot say that there is a huge difference in design. The smartwatch again has a rectangular-like design. No changes were made in the corner-to-corner screen design, either.

The corner-to-corner screen design, together with the curved structure, stands out as always. We understand that there is not a huge design difference in the physical button design.Apple Watch 8 Introduced! Features and Price

What are the Apple Watch 8 Technical Specifications?

The new smartwatch was a slightly more capable smartwatch in terms of specifications. With the new watch, Apple offers the temperature sensor feature.

Apple Watch 8 Introduced! Features and Price

The smart watch, which will come with an under-screen sensor and temperature sensor, will be able to measure the temperature of our body. The watch will automatically measure body temperature every 5 seconds . Temperature values ​​and change status can also be controlled via the health application.

Apple Watch 8 Introduced! Features and Price


 second step in health was the changes in the cycle application for women . The cycle application offered for women will become much more developed. New graphics and new looks aside, security features such as Face ID will now be offered to protect this data.

New Measures on Security

Collision Warning

The watch will now be able to offer new capabilities for your security. With the new sensors, the watch will now be able to understand vehicle accidents. Apple Watch 8, which can detect car accidents , will inform emergency units and send location if users do not react after the accident.

Low Power Mode

Another feature announced with the Apple Watch 8 smartwatch was the low power mode. With this mode, certain features of the watch will be turned off and the battery time will be maximized. We expect this to come to other models with the update.

Apple Watch 8 Introduced! Features and Price

  • Colors: Midnight, Daylight, Silver and RED series
  • Case: Aluminum
  • Price: The GPS model is $399 and the GPS + Cellular model is $499



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