Intel Arc A580 Introduced! Hardware Features

The Intel Arc A580 graphics card , which we eagerly await its introduction and think it will be affordable, has been introduced. Introduced with the A700 series, the new graphics card stands out with its more modest features when compared to its older brothers.

Intel Arc A580 Technical Specifications and FullWe expect the card to be a model that stands out especially in terms of price. We do not know which graphics card will be its rival, but let’s take a look at these technical features first. Details

As for the GPU unit, we see that the ACM-G10 model is used as in the A700 series . But the number of cores is slightly reduced. In other words, it is a little further away from the highest capacity.


This model has 24 Xe cores . We also see that there are 24 Ray Tracing units in the same number . XMX engines were also used. The graphics card with the 384 XMX engine will also support XeSS technology.

With XeSS, we will see if this card can compete with ambitious technologies such as DLSS or FSR after the game tests are published.

Intel Arc A580 Introduced! Hardware Features
Intel Arc A580 Introduced! Hardware Features

When it comes to the memory amount of the card, a memory equivalent to the A750 model was preferred. There is 8GB of GDDR6 memory and the memory speed is 16Gbps. However, the bandwidth does not change. We see that the bandwidth remains at 512 Gbps .

It has not been announced when the Intel Arc A580 model , which is a candidate to be a new price performance monster with all these features, will go on sale. In addition, there is no information about the price range of the card yet. It is especially important how the price ranges of special models will be.

Specifications Summary

  • Xe Core: 24
  • FP32 Core: 3072
  • XMX Engines: 384
  • Clock Speed: 1700 MHz
  • Memory: 8GB GDDR6
  • Memory Speed: 16 Gbps
  • Memory Bandwidth: 512 GB/s
  • XeSS: Yes


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