I Want to Learn Software: How to Get Started?

Software Developer or colloquially a software developer; It has become one of the most popular professions today and the need for software developers has increased considerably. There is only one question in the language of everyone who is interested in this profession, from young people who will choose a university, “I want to learn software, but I don’t know how to start” .

Of course, it is easy to find the answer to this question, but first you need to ask yourself some questions; After answering these questions yourself, you can start learning software.


1. In which area you will develop; gaming, mobile, web?

This is the first question you should ask yourself; What do you want to do? Do you want to develop games, do you want to develop applications for smartphones, tablets and even smart watches that are in the hands of millions of people, or do you want to make a website for the still developing internet? Decide on this.

2. Learn Algorithm

It doesn’t matter in which field you will develop or which programming language you will use; First you need to learn what an algorithm is, then you are ready to learn the language you want. Algorithm , in its simplest form, is a way designed to solve a certain problem or achieve a certain purpose.

3. Start learning and practice

After you have made your decision, you need to watch training videos from the fields you have determined on YouTube or Udemy and practice what you have learned as a result of this training. You can develop simple applications/games while practicing, then start developing the sample applications you have made. At the end of the day, you will have developed both yourself and the project you have done, and thus you will have learned software.



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