Fake AirPods Will Be Plugged In With iOS 16!

As of the evening of September 12, the United States-based software and technology giant Apple released iOS 16 , one of the new generation operating system versions . A great feature emerged as many users started downloading the new version and experiencing the new features; fake AirPods detection .

Apple products are the most copied/fake/replica/sub-industry-produced products around the world, and these counterfeit products can be preferred by many people in terms of their cheap price tag. In particular, Apple’s AirPods product family attracts most people at this point.


Thanks to the new feature, fake AirPods seem to be obsolete because now when an AirPods is connected to a device with the iOS 16 operating system, if it cannot be verified by Apple, the warning “This AirPods cannot be verified” appears on the screen and the user is informed that this product does not belong to Apple.


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