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Football Manager 2023 Turkey Price and Release Date

Football Manager, which has as many fans as the FIFA series, will appear with its new game this year. Football Manager 2023 is coming very soon. Now we know both the game’s release date and the price in Turkey.

Then let’s evaluate both the release date and the prices for the new production.


How is Football Manager 2023 Turkey Price?

I want to start from the date of employment. The new production will debut on November 8, 2022 .

The game will be released for PS5, Xbox One and Series, PC, Switch, and even Android and iOS . Moreover, there is another good news for PC and Xbox users that the game will be available on the Game Pass service as soon as it is released.

Yes, let’s come to the price part. Although the game prices have been burning recently, SEGA has thought of a beauty for the new game.

It is possible to get the game with a 20% discount on platforms that have an agreement with SEGA (including Steam) . When you enter the game’s Steam page, we see that the sale price is 479 TL with this discount . The price without discount is 599 TL .

The price of console versions has not yet been revealed. We will soon see pre-orders and prices in the console versions of the game. Before we forget, let’s add the link to the Steam page here .


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